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Time keeps passing whether we want it to or not.  Over the years we can acquire gray hairs, a few wrinkles, and maybe even a few extra pounds.  In life, change is inevitable, but growth is optional. 

While most clients enter therapy during a time of stress or crisis, therapy does not have to be (or stay) problem focused.  Health or wellness is much more than the absence of pathology - it is the awakening of realizable hopes and goals.  Growth-oriented therapy involves recognizing and living up to your greatest potential.

Most people possess a wealth of underdeveloped strengths, skills, and capacities.  Each stage of life offers new challenges, and therefore new growth resources and possibilities.  Wholeness is a lifelong journey of becoming the best version of yourself again and again.  Growth is moving beyond survival, beyond existing, to actually living with intention, creativity, and zest.  Many clients stop coming to therapy once they feel better, but in doing so they may miss an opportunity to activate more profound and lasting changes in their life.  I consider myself a long-term therapist, and I empower my clients to identify personal pitfalls that diminish their growth drive.  Coupling insight gained in session with action outside of session is essential for meaningful growth.  

Keep Going
Keep Growing
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