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Why do people come to therapy?  There are countless reasons that might prompt someone to start googling "therapists near me."  Whatever the specifics are, the bottom line is that they would like to see some kind of change in their life.  Change is a process.  It takes time, work, and the belief that it is possible.  

The best predictor of a good outcome in therapy is the relationship you develop with your therapist.  When you feel safe and trusting of me, you will be much more likely to work authentically toward the changes you desire.  I am here to walk alongside you, sometimes holding the hope for you when it feels like it is lost.  I am a "glass is half full" person, and I believe that the process of change involves healing, growth, and transformation.  

Broken Trunk
New Growth
Ray of Light
Healthy Self
Heal Thy Self
Keep Going
Keep Growing
Transformed People
Transform People
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