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Pain is a universal part of the human experience.  We may experience disappointments, emotional wounds, and/or traumas that negatively impact our sense of safety in relationships and in the world.

I believe therapy is one avenue of many to healing.  Through a supportive therapeutic relationship, I hope to help you make meaning of any hardships you have faced.  Some people may not see value in exploring the past, but I believe that in order to know where you are going, you must know where you have been.  We are the sum total of our life experiences, both positive and negative, but we also do not have to be defined by our most painful moments.  

There is a saying that "hurt people hurt people."  We do this in many ways such as lashing out or distancing from others in the form of isolation.  We may have destructive ways of thinking or behaving after being emotionally wounded.  It is probably not your intention to repeat the pattern of inflicting pain onto someone else, but we oftentimes develop these maladaptive ways of coping in an effort to avoid vulnerability to more hurt.  If you have the courage to form a safe connection with a therapist and the willingness to trust the process, you may be able to create a corrective emotional experience.  It is a privilege to bear witness to my clients' pain and collaboratively forge a path towards healing.  

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